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Unlocking the Secrets of the Shroud - the DVD

The book (ebook also now available), and video carefully explain through forensic detective work, the significance of the shroud image and blood marks. The book and video are also great teaching aids.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Shroud - the Book

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The book, “Unlocking the Secrets of the Shroud”, carefully demonstrates a forensic perspective of the blood marks and image of the shroud that has never been previously understood. The information definitely makes the case that the shroud blood marks and image are the reflection of the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus. The book is an excellent teaching aid and a wonderful way to pass on the faith.
The book and the ebook can be purchased online or through your bookstore.
ISBN  978-1-4575-0212-5

If you are looking for visual forensic information and a solid scientific bibliography of what this burial cloth is about, read this book. Dr. Lavoie’s book covers a period from 1961 through 1998 when his study was published. The first three chapters summarize Dr. Barbet’s classic work of the blood marks and images published in 1953 and the best studies of the American Scientific Team’s work done on the shroud in 1978. The last nine chapters explain and illustrate Dr. Lavoie’s historical, biblical, and medical forensic studies of the shroud, its images, and blood marks.

Video run time: 31:56


Don’t take anyone’s word about what the shroud is until you see the evidence with your own eyes.

This DVD documents some of Dr. Lavoie’s discoveries and visually enhances his forensic work. 

The DVD, filmed in Jerusalem, will help you visually understand the significance of the image and blood marks of the shroud. The video can be used as a teaching aid and is a wonderful way to pass on the faith.
The DVD can only be purchased from EWTN using the following link:
In the end, the reader will understand that this shroud does not reveal the image of a man lying in burial. Rather, this shroud reveals a dynamic event which occurs at the culmination of Jesus’ life and death when he is lifted up above the earth to draw all people to himself. (John 12:32)
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